Services & Procedures


At Iqaluit Dental Clinic, we provide a wide range of high quality dental procedures. Our team is professional and compassionate. We know that our patients are individuals and we will treat you that way.

We provide dentistry for the entire family. From your toddler to grandpa, our skilled dentists have experience in treating patients at all life stages. Having proper care at each stage of life is important in order to maintain optimum health.

Instead of one-size-fits-all dentistry, we customize your treatment based on your unique needs and health conditions. We hope to become a part of your healthy routine.

Preventative Dentistry

One of the foundational principles of our dental practice is to provide excellent preventative care. We work with our patients to educate them on proper home care techniques combined with regular check-ups and dental cleanings in our office.

Those two steps alone, when done regularly, can have the greatest effect on the future of your dental health. We use the latest in digital radiography to create high quality x-rays that will assist with the early diagnosis of most dental conditions.

Communication is important, too. If you feel like something is wrong, you’re probably right. You know your body better than anyone. We encourage you to call us so we can help.

Restorative Dentistry

When something goes wrong with your oral health, restorative dentistry is one way we repair the condition. If you break a tooth or have decay, we might recommend a filling or crown to stabilize your tooth.

If you require an extraction, we can help with an appropriate tooth replacement option. We provide dentistry that is both attractive and functional. We use long-lasting materials and treat you on an individual basis, offering the options that will work best for you.

Additional Services

We don’t stop at just traditional general dentistry services. In most cases, we can perform root canals and extractions in our office, as well, without the need for a referral. This allows us to offer added convenience for our patients.

Emergency Treatment

Have you been away from the dentist? Did you just move to town? Often, patients do not look for a new dentist unless it is absolutely necessary. That usually means when something goes wrong.

Don’t worry. We can often treat dental emergencies on the same day you call. Remember, calling as soon as the problem starts will help us accommodate you.

We Look Forward to Your Call

Are you looking for a new dentist in the Iqaluit area? We look forward to welcoming you. Our team is friendly and welcoming. When you walk in the door at Iqaluit Dental Clinic, you will notice the difference right away.

Call us today and take the initial steps toward a comfortable and beautiful smile.